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An agricultural tool mounted on a tractor called a “Sub Soiler” by KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. This equipment is used for deep tillage, liquifying, and breaking up the hardpan layers of soil. Furthermore, to improve drainage, root development, and mineral osmosis.

Any crop whose growth is hampered by soil compaction will grow better with the use of a subsoiler, and tillage equipment. We are industry leaders in producing and distributing Sub Soilers of the highest caliber that is also reasonably priced. With the help of this design, the soil is loosened deeper than a tiller or plough can go.

A cultivator is a farming tool or equipment from KS AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD. It is made to agitate the soil around a crop as it ages to encourage growth and control weeds.

The primary duties of a field cultivator include creating a suitable seedbed for the crop to be planted in. As well as, burying crop residue in the soil to help warm the soil before planting. For controlling weeds, mixing and incorporating the soil to make sure the growing crop has enough water and nutrients to grow healthily during the growing season.


  • What is SUB SOILER?

    A kind of plough with no mouldboard is used to loosen the soil at some depth below the surface without turning it over.

  • What are the specifications of SUB SOILER?

    • KS GROUP’s Sub Soiler is deep tillage implements specially designed for breaking up hardpan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing better drainage, root growth, and mineral osmosis
    • The heavy-duty pointed chisel
    • It can plough up to 2 feet deep
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