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KSA 8500
KSA 8500


The KS 8500 4WD – Self-Propelled Multicrop Combine Harvester, which has cutting-edge engineering technology for your agricultural areas is the best harvester machine on the market in India. ASHOK LEYLAND-produced BHARAT Stage 6 Diesel Engine, this Harvester is a potent machine entirely India make.

This harvester has Heavy Duty gear, big clutch plates, and cutter gear for the movement of the cutter blades. In addition, the Combine Harvester equipment is the best price in India from KS GROUP.

The KS 8500 4WD can harvest multiple crops with only a few mechanical or minor component changes. The KS 8500 4WD, can pick up crops that have fallen by using a special outer cutting bar.

For enhanced grain separation, the KS 8500 4WD Multicrop Combine has six straw walkers and Straw Walker Technology. This harvesting machine’s rotatory components are all individually balanced on cutting-edge computerized equipment.

Reduce the time to meet the harvesting requirement with KS 9300 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester by the strong engine from Ashok Leyland.




  • Why choose KS 8500 4WD COMBINE?

    BS6/EURO 6 Compliant
    The BHARAT Stage 6 (also known as EURO 6) Diesel Engine powers the KS 9300 Combine Harvester. The Indian government established the Bharat Stage Emission Regulations (BSES) as emission regulations to limit the production of air pollution.

  • What are the specifications of KS 8500 4WD COMBINE?

    • Single sheet tail cover
    • Folding elevator box for easy maintenance
    • Sheet channel type light weight reel
    • Double paddle hydraulic brake for easy turning
    • Specially designed cutterbar can harvest fallen crop
    • For safety side cover provided
    • Powered by Ashok LeylandPowered by Ashok Leyland
    • Heavy duty gear with 1312 big clutch plates
    • Cutter gear for better grain separation
    • Safe straw walker for better grain separation
    • Safe & decorated operator cabin
    • Free tool and spare part kit with harvester
    • All rotating parts balanced by computer balanced machine
    • Registration (R.C. copy) and Bank Loan facility
  • How do I keep track of routine?

    In addition, Spare parts for the KS 8500 4WD Combine Harvester are widely accessible on the international market. Therefore, parts & service’s reachability Operators can swiftly complete routine maintenance chores and adjustments thanks to the KS Straw Reaper. In addition, the KS 8500 4WD’s vital components are accessible in wide areas through simple-to-open safety shields, and daily maintenance areas help minimize downtime. Therefore, Servicing rival systems require less time than changing belts and other worn components.

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