KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a unit of well renowned KS Group. We are one of the leading agricultural equipment and implement manufacturers in India that addresses the basic agricultural necessities by providing eminent solutions since 1955.

We have a full fledge team of professionals who works hard relentlessly to focus on the betterment of the designs by listening to the specific requirements of the farmers. Our team focuses mainly on the high performance of the machines, the efficiency of their modus operandi, and the capabilities of the designs. We manufacture a complete range of ultra-modern farm machinery with assured after-sales services


    KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. will continue to strive and accomplish projects by overcoming challenging business environments like unavoidable risks, challenging schedules, unpredictability in the market, etc. We have honored to have all the stakeholders appreciating the commitment toward project execution and successful completion of complex agricultural products.

    Hence, delivering the best agricultural implements to our clients becomes our pride and we strive for the execution of projects and related activities with dedication and commitment. KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. is grateful to become a part of the agricultural industry of a rapidly-growing economy in the world. It is our prime duty to make better machines and provide better solutions to our farmers and take a step ahead toward a brighter future.


    We want to be Number 1 company in manufacturing agriculture equipment in India and abroad. Our aim is to deliver innovative products which are safer, efficient, and give maximum value to the customer. The other key areas are service quality, new technology, and improvement in work culture.

    Though we are making efforts to achieve excellence in every aspect, there is always room for improvement. The experience of a world-class brand should not only remain limited to quality products, but it should also traverse beyond the domains of business where we are successful in establishing connections with our customers.


KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a unit Of KS Group. Sardar Bhagwan Singh, a Ramgarhia Sikh, laid the foundation of KS Group in 1968. Though uneducated, he had a brilliant mind and carried out various technical works in villages, like setting up borewells and repairing threshers, etc. His work was in great demand back then.

In 1968, he started a business on small scale, named KS Agro, to manufacture agriculture equipment in Bhutan village, Malerkotla. The first product he manufactured was a wheat thresher. The demand for the KS Agro threshers rose rapidly and the company gradually kept on growing and added more products to its kitty.

Later, the company was shifted to its new plant at Raikot Road, Malerkotla. With the hard work and the quality of our products the company is growing continuously and  started a new plant at Dilawargarh, Kup Khurd


Our company aims to serve the hard-working farmers in and around the world by designing and fabricating the ideal implements and machinery required for agricultural purposes such as KS 9300 Maize Special Combine Harvester, KS Paddy Straw Chopper, Laser Land Leveler, KS Happy Seeder, KSP Multi Crop & Paddy Thresher, Reaper, Tractor Combine, etc.

The company dedicates its resources to procuring the best technologies and innovations from all over the world to integrate and customize our agricultural equipment design as per the specific requirement of the indigenous fields. There are many requisites in this field that a farmer finds important so that the entire venture becomes quite convenient. Our team works hard relentlessly to focus on the betterment of the designs by listening to the specific requirements of the farmers.


KS Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd. is today one of the leading agricultural equipment and implements manufacturers in India that addresses the basic agricultural necessities by providing eminent solutions.
The solution is drawn from the comprehensive study of the problems faced by the farmers. The latest trends and innovations used in the leading countries are considered so that the solution can be more effective and beneficial for the users. Every single step of the farming process is widely considered and traversed to develop a broader sense.

The professionals then study elaborately the specific conditions a farmer faces while tilling, sowing, cutting, and harvesting the crops so that the machines can become a great asset for the farmers. The implements and customized equipment prove to be very effective to handle a high volume of harvest in no time.


We highly durable and extremely versatile types of equipment for all the harvesting needs of a farmer. The farmers have used our agricultural equipment for decades to yield better harvests. All the implements and equipment in our infirmary are extremely sturdy to handle the long-term wear and tear without stopping performing in the field.

All our agricultural equipment needs less maintenance and does not become a burden on the farmers during the cultivation season. With our brilliant innovations and customizations, a farmer can easily overcome the challenges in a time-effective way and meet the increasing demand in the market. 



Our company has a wide network for maintenance services, modernization, and spare parts. Its maintenance services cover all activities necessary for trouble-free operations. No matter, how much or little assistance is needed, our customized maintenance programs are always there for serving the customers.

For us, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. The Group not only trains technicians and maintenance crew with the state-of-the-art training program but also has a very large inventory of spare parts. All replacement parts are readily available for all makes and models. Our customers trust our knowledge, product quality, and experience.



Laying stress on remaining innovative in business, the company says, “The world is becoming more and more complex with each passing day. New designs and technologies are coming into existence day by day. Hence, we endeavor to stay ahead of time and develop products according to the changing working culture and space conditions.

To ensure that our products are manufactured with high-quality standards, we are investing heavily in the modernization of our production facilities. Our focus on quality is not only limited to the range of products that carry the KS Group name but in all aspects of doing business.”


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